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Drying food is an effective method of storage, as it prevents the action of bacteria and fungi that need moisture to develop. Well-produce has a long storage life and often an intensified flavor. The choice of whether to dry, freeze or use some other techniques may depend on your intended future use for the produce.

For drying crops you need a warm, dry and airy place. An airing cupboard may do but it will take few days until the produce is dry. In a warm oven (45-55 Celsius degrees / 110-130 F) will only take few hours. Herbs can be hung in bunches or laid out on a baking sheet. Once dried, the produce must be stored in airtight jars. If you want to dry your produce using a specific technology, you can use solar dryers or food dehydrators or even home-made drying boxes.


To make you own drying box simply use a large wooden or cardboard box with perforations along the top and bottom of the sides. Place an electric lamp with a 60 watt bulb in the bottom and a mesh above this. Hang the produce to be dried above the mesh or lay them on racks before closing the box.

You can also use the heat of the sun to dry your produce. Sun-dried products are used by many people. This technique often require several days of hot sun and dry air, that is why this technique can only be used in some areas. But it is possible, however, to build a solar dryer which can work in cooler climates.

But to be sure that the drying process of your produce does not rely on weather, the best thing you can do is to use an electric food dehydrator. Dehydrator are clean, easy he use and consist of a base unit containing the temperature and time controls, the heater and fan and then a series of plastic drying trays which can be stacked on top.

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Fermenting is the alcohol produced during fermentation that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms which could spoil the product, allowing us to store brewed drinks for many years. These include home-made ciders, wines and beers. The general idea to obtain these drinks is that yeasts grow and multiply using sugar and produce alcohol as a result. Cleanliness is vital at all stages to prevent fungi and other micro-organisms from spoiling the end product. All equipment and bottles must be sterilized by boiling or by washing with chemical sterilizing solution before use.

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