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Clamping is a simple method of storing a large quantity of root vegetables outside. This technique is useful where indoor storage space is limited. This method is good only if you live in an area with not very hard frosts. It consists in a pile of roots with straw and earth on top.

In order to have your clamped roots stored longer, you will have to follow same guidelines. First, choose a site on a piece of ground that is unlikely to become waterlogged. After you harvest your crops, allow them to dry for a couple of hours before starting to store them in the clamp.


Build the champ by starting with a good layer of straw or bracken then add on top of this pile the roots you want to store in a pyramid shape. After you have finished with the roots, cover the pile with a layer of straw or bracken and leave to sweet for a day or two. This will permit the evaporation of any excess moisture.

Then cover the straw with a layer of dry earth of about 15 cm thick, making sure there are a few small tunnels of straw sticking through the earth along the bottom and chimneys along the top to allow air circulation. Pat the earth flat with a spade to form a smooth, steep-sided pyramid that rain will run off easily.

For better aces he your crops it is better to make a series of smaller clamps rather than a big one.

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