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Bottling or canning, using glass jars is a method of storing that is not only highly used but it is also an attractive way of storing. What can look better than rows of glass jars in the kitchen, full of brightly colored and good-looking preserved fruits and vegetables?

The method consists in heating to a high-enough temperature for a certain time the food in the bottles or jars, to kill the bacteria, yeasts and fungi and to stop enzyme activity. As by this method the jars are sealed at this high temperature there should be no reintroduction of spoiling micro-organisms.


Discard any bottled produce if you are in any doubt as to its safety. Do not use the contents if the lid comes off too easily as if it has lost its suction, if there are bubbles in the liquid, if the contents have changed color or smell or taste unusual, or if there is any mould visible.

For bottling you need special strong bottling jars, screw-topped or clip jars, which use rubber rings for sealing. For best results a perfect seal is essential and the rubber rings should only be used once.

Fruits can be bottled in water or fruit juice, but using sugar syrup gives better color and flavor. Use 400 grams of sugar per liter of water to make the syrup. The bottles can be heated in a large pan of water or in the oven. No matter which method you use, the important thing is to reach the right temperature for the right amount of time.

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Fermenting is the alcohol produced during fermentation that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms which could spoil the product, allowing us to store brewed drinks for many years. These include home-made ciders, wines and beers. The general idea to obtain these drinks is that yeasts grow and multiply using sugar and produce alcohol as a result. Cleanliness is vital at all stages to prevent fungi and other micro-organisms from spoiling the end product. All equipment and bottles must be sterilized by boiling or by washing with chemical sterilizing solution before use.

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