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Shrubs for Spring Color

Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata Waterlily) is a deciduous shrub that opens white flowers before the foliage in early spring. The flowers are up to 13 cm wide and packed with 32 petals. Grow them in a moist and rich soil in a place with full or partial sun. This is a must-have shrub if you want turn heads.

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Spurge (Euphorbia characias) is an architectural shrub with stems resembling dense tails and furnished with long leaves and decorated with cylindrical heads of lime-green flowers consisting mainly of bracts from early spring to early summer. After flowering cut the spent flower stems to within 15 cm of the ground. Plant them in a sunny, well-drained place.

x Ledodendron Arctic Tern is a small growing shrub, a cross between a rhododendron and a ledum. It has sinuous branches covered with smooth, pale brown bark. It bears a mass of pure white blooms in spring. Grow them in an acid, humus-rich soil. Dead-head after flowering.

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Congo Lilac (Syringa vulgaris Congo) is a form of lilac that has deep purple buds opening to large heads of single, intensely lilac-purple flowers in spring. Keep them in shape by shortening older stems after flowering. Plant them in moist soil in a place with full sun.

Viburnum (Viburnum carlesii Diana) is a popular shrub with sweet scented, pink flowerheads open from red buds, then fading to white. The leaves are bronze-tinged when young, then become green over summer then show some reddish tints during autumn. Plant them in a well-drained soil in a place in full sun to part shade.

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Berberis x lologensis Apricot Queen is an upright, arching shrub that bears beautiful, clear apricot-orange flowers in late spring. It often produces a secondary flush of bloom in summer. The small, dark, glossy leaves are armed with spines. You can prune this shrub after flowering if necessary. Plant them in a well-drained soil and in a place with full sun or partial shade.

Californian Lilac (Ceanothus Puget Blue) is a multi-stemmed shrub with dark green leaves that bears masses of small, deep blue flowers in late spring to early summer. You can trim it after flowering if needed. Plant them in a shelter of a warm wall or fence to give protection from the worst of the winter weather.

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Common yellow azalea (Rhododendron luteum) is a deciduous shrub that bears cheerful, sweetly perfumed, yellow flowers in late spring and early summer. It also brings autumn interest when the leaves turn crimson, purple and orange before falling. Plant them in acid soil in a place with full or partial sun.

Rhododendron yunnanense is a delightful rhododendron that bears white, pale pink or dark pink flowers in late spring to early summer. It requires an acid, moist, rich and well-drained soil, and a place in semi-shade or sun. Select a plant in bloom to be sure of picking the color you want. 

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Shrubs for Summer Color

If you plan your garden well, you will benefit from a succession of colorful and interesting flowering shrubs, performing from early summer to autumn. Most of the shrubs are able to look after themselves once they are established, but they will benefit from an annual pruning, which will improve their flower quality and helps control their shape and size.

We will present you some shrubs for summer interest that you can chose to plant in your garden. Some of them might be already in your garden because they are commonly used, while other might be new to you. Chose the one that fit your garden design.

Butterfly bush (Buddleja x weyeriana) is a reliable summer flowerers that will bloom the whole summer. The honey-scented flowers are held in clusters towards the ends of shoots. 'Sungold' variety bears bright golden-yellow flowers. Prune them hard every spring to control their height. Plant in a place with full sun.

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