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If you have lawn in your garden then you should probably need a lawnmower. When you buy a lawnmower you should take into account the size of your lawn and what kind of cut it requires. If you have a small area of lawn then a manual lawnmower will be enough but if you have a larger area of lawn you should buy a powered one.

Powered mowers can be cylinder, rotary or hover. Cylinder mowers are good for the finest cut, rotary ones are good for long and over-grown grass and hover mowers are best for irregular lawns. As grass need to be cut more closely in summer than in winter you should check that the height of cut is easily adjustable.


There are also different type of mowers that provide extra options. A mulching mower for example chops grass finely and discharges the clippings close to the soil surface for rapid decomposition and soil nourishment. A lawn mower with a grass collector will provide a fine finish without loose grass.

Manual lawnmowers

These types of lawnmowers are relatively cheap, quiet, with no cables and need very little maintenance. There are two types of manual lawnmowers: driven by wheels at the side or operated by a chain drive from a heavy rear roller. A side-wheel mower is easy to push but will be awkward at the edges of the lawn.

Powered lawnmowers

There are two basic types of powered lawnmowers: cylinder and rotary or hover. They can run on petrol, electricity or rechargeable battery. For large areas you should consider ride-on or tractor-hauled models.

Cylinder mowers are self-propelled or have a powered blade. Most have a rear roller which is essential if you want a lawn with striped pattern and the heavier the roller the more pronounced will be the stripe. Petrol-driven cylinder mowers often have broader cutting widths than electric ones which reduce the cutting time but makes them more difficult to maneuver.

Rotary and hover mowers have replaceable metal or plastic blades that cut the grass with a scissor-like motion as they rotate horizontally. The difference between these two is that rotary mowers have wheels while hover mowers ride on a cushion of air. For fine lawns you should buy a rotary mower that is fitted with rollers. The disadvantage for rotary or hover mowers is that they cannot cut the grass very low but they suit better than cylinder mowers for uneven sites or with long grass.

If you have to choose what power source should your mower use than you must know that batteries and electricity mowers are more convenient and cleaner than petrol ones but they are not suitable for powerful engines. Battery mowers need a power outlet for recharging the batteries, the electric mowers need access to a power supply and petrol lawnmowers are not hampered by cables but are more expensive to buy and maintain. Electric mower should not be used on wet grass.

Always keep your lawnmowers in good shape for working efficiently. After use always clean the engine and the blades, check the blades to see if they are sharp enough and replace blunt ones. Oil and lubricate regularly, service yearly. For petrol mowers clean the filters and air intakes regularly, check the oil level periodically on four-stroke engines and before you store the mower drain the petrol tank.

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