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zucchini flower


zucchini flower zucchini image

For a good crop prepare the soil with lots of organic or well-rotted manure fertilizer before planting. The soil should be well dug and well-drained but also able to be kept moist and rich in nutrients. Water vines copiously during hot summer days. Plants may be started indoors and later planted outdoors at least 30 cm apart.

Sow seeds outside without protection around the date of the last frost. Place two seeds in each planting position covered with 1.5 cm of soil. If sowing indoors, sow 2 seeds in a pot under glass about three weeks before the last frost. Thin seedlings by leaving the strongest plant to grow on for planting out in early summer.

Harvest zucchini when they are about 10-12 cm long. Don’t let them grow longer as they will gradually turn into marrows and loose their taste and texture. Harvesting young zucchini will encourage more fruits to appear. You can either cut them off with a sharp knife or twist them off with your hands.

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