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In warm climates sow seeds in situ in spring and in cool climates sow seeds indoors at about 15 Celsius degrees (59 F), 2 cm deep, in trays or modules, six to eight weeks before the last frost. Transplant the seedlings when they have 2-3 leaves, into 5-6 cm pots and keep them well ventilated, spaced and in full  light. Harden off before planting them out when the soil temperature is at least 10 Celsius degrees (50 F) and the risk of frost is over. Plant when the flowers on the lower truss are visible. In cool climates grow them in a greenhouse or in polytunnels.

As an important rule, all types of tomatoes should be watered and mulched heavily once the soil is warm. In dry conditions water tomatoes weekly at a rate of 11 liters per plant. Tomatoes grown in containers need more frequent watering and supplementary feeding with a tomato fertilizer in order to obtain a good crop. Be careful not to over-water or over-feed, as this will reduce the flavor.

Pick fruits as they ripen, the earliest should be at about 7 to 8 weeks after planting. Early autumn is the time to strip off ripe and unripe tomatoes from outdoor plants before they are damaged by an early frost or blight. You can also lift entire plants and hang them in the greenhouse for the remaining tomatoes to ripen under cover. If is still good weather you can just remove the terminal shoot two leaves above a truss to allow the remaining tomatoes to develop and ripen before the first frost.

In cool climates, tomatoes will continue to ripen at the end of the season if they are cut down from their supports, leaned over horizontally on a bed of clean, dry straw and covered with cloches. The roots stay in the ground.

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