Friday , December 14 2018
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Peas grow best in slightly acidic, well-drained but moist, rich in organic material, sandy soils, in sunny to partially shaded areas. The plants should be mulch to preserve the moisture and to keep the weeds down. Water plants throughout their lives when conditions become dry because moisture is the most important thing for a good development of peas. If the soil has been well-prepared they will have no further need for feeding. The plants should be pinched out when they reach the top to encourage shoots further down the plants.

Peas are best to be harvest when slightly immature while they still have the sweet taste. Harvesting them early also encourages them to produce more. Peas are normally ready for harvest 3 weeks after flowering and about 8 weeks after planting. The peas at the bottom of the plant will tend to be ready first, so you should begin the harvesting from here, working up as time progresses. When the plant stops producing peas just cut the top of the plant off and leave the roots in the ground to compost for next year.

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