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Globe Artichokes

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Usually, Globe artichokes are increased by division, but they can also be raised from seeds. If you want to divide a mature plant, use a sharp knife, two hand forks or a spade and divide a healthy, established plants in spring. Make sure each division has at least two shoots with a tuft of leaves and good root system. Plant the divisions at 60-75 cm apart and trim the tips of the leaves to about 13 cm. If you choose to grow your Globe artichokes from seeds, sow them indoors or outdoors in spring. Thin or plant out seedlings at the right spacing. To maintain the vigor and cropping levels you should replace the plants every three years.

To keep the plants in good shape maintain the area where they are planted free of weeds and well mulched to conserve soil moisture. Never allow the roots to dry out over the summer period or to become waterlogged in winter. If heavy frosts are expected over the winter, earth up the base of each plant and cover it with a thick layer of straw, then remove the covering in spring.

If the growing conditions are favorable, you can expect to harvest some heads in the late summer of the first season, but the true crop will be available in the second season. Pick them before the scales open, when the buds feel plump. Remove the hairy choke and stalk before freezing.


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