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In a garden where space is limited but not only there, hanging containers filled with plants are a very useful way of growing plants. Hanging containers can be filled with a range of bright, cheery plants or edible vegetables and herbs. The most common type of hanging container is the hanging basket, which is usually made of heavy-gauge wire coated in plastic.

Fresh herbs are very popular for flavoring cooked foods and salads. A small number of herbs can be grown on a windowsill or in pots on a patio or balcony. Where space is limited you can garden in the air, using hanging baskets. In this case you are going to use two hanging baskets fastened together in order to form a globe that can be hung in a small space. If you have a place where you can hang this globe in order to benefit from plenty of light and if you will keep it well-watered, it is possible to grow in it a range of herbs and salad plants that have leaves and fruits that can be harvested on a regular basis. Make sure you hang the globe at a height that is easy to reach when cutting herbs for cooking.

Make an Herb Globe

Follow the next steps to make your herb globe. Place one basket on top of a large empty plant pot. Line the lower half with a layer of sphagnum moss and press it firmly against the wire mesh before adding compost to the same level. Insert the first layer of herbs by passing them through the mesh so that the roots are resting on the compost and the tops of the plants are hanging down the sides. Line the top half of the basket with moss and compost as before. Insert the next layer of herbs and add compost until it is level with the rim. Make a second basket as you did the first one.

Place a square of plywood over the top of each basket before turning them over to form a dome. Nail each basket rim to the plywood. Leave them in a sheltered place and water regularly for 2-3 weeks until the herbs are well rooted in the compost. Place the domes on a flat surface and remove the nails. Place one dome upside down on top of an empty plant pot. Remove the plywood and place the second dome on top of the first in order to form a globe. Slide out the plywood from the second dome and secure them together with plastic coated wire. Attach hanging chains to the herb globe and hang it in position.

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