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Herbs Uses

Culinary uses
Freshly harvested herbs are important ingredients in many classic combinations. Flowers may also be used in some cases as edible decorations. Aromatic seeds and spices are also most used. Certain herbs are infused in boiling water to make teas. Most of the teas are made from dried leaves, flowers or seeds, but they may also be made from fresh herbs.

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Medicinal uses
Well known and used in many parts of the world is herbal medicine. The herb garden is a source of home-grown treatments for all sorts of ailments. The essential oils of many herbs are used in aromatherapy for body massage. It is not advisable to use herbs for medicinal purpose without specialist knowledge or advice.

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Cosmetic and scented uses
Many herbs have beneficial effects on the condition of skin, hair or nails and are included in beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, skin lotions. Aromatic herbs may be enjoyed all year round if they are made into scented households articles such as pomanders and linen sachets.

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