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Strawberries Image Strawberries Image Strawberries Image

Clear all weeds and apply generous amounts of well-rotted farmyard manure. On hungrier sandy or chalky soils rake in a dressing of a balanced fertilizer just before planting.

Space strawberries at 45 cm intervals in slightly raised row 75 cm apart, so rainwater runs off.
Plant with the base of the central crown at soil level, firm in the plants and water well.

Strawberries may also be planted through sheets of black plastic, which smother weeds, retain moisture and encourage early cropping by warming the soil. Anchor the plastic firmly, then make planting slits at the same intervals as for normal planting.

A healthy strawberry produce several runners in a year. If you rooted them into pots, early autumn is the best time to plant them out to form new beds. Water well until established.

Clear up old strawberries beds, remove unwanted runners and hoe between rows.

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