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The fruiting trees, shrubs or wines that are native to warm climates are ideal for greenhouse cultivation in cooler climates. Peaches, nectarines or grapes are some of the fruit crops that are suitable for growing under cover, but skill and attention to detail are required to maintain them in good condition and obtain satisfactory crops. As for plants grown in open ground, the soil for the greenhouse crops will need to be fertile and well-drained for the plants to thrive.

Growing Fruits under Cover

You can also grow tender fruits like tamarillos, pomegranates or olives under cover in temperate climates, but they are often grown as ornamental plants since the crop they offer under glass is seldom heavily. Citrus trees are some of the tender fruit trees that can be grown successfully under cover. Grow them in pots that you will place outdoors during summer and return under cover for winter.

Not only tender fruits or warm climate crops are suitable for greenhouse. You can grow in your greenhouse or under frame protection temperate fruits like strawberries, because if you are choosing early-fruiting cultivars you can lengthened the season by several weeks in early summer or in areas with a short growing season where autumn frosts are early, you can improve the cropping of perpetual or late-fruiting cultivars. Strawberries that are grown in individual pots in a greenhouse or under cloches will produce ripe fruits earlier than those in the open, so use both cultivation methods to prolong the fruiting season.

You can also place in your greenhouse some compatible tree and soft fruits that are suitable for training. Before you decide to plant them in your greenhouse you must check that there is enough space for the chosen cultivar to develop and grow to its mature size. Also ensure that suitable fittings for training the plant in the chosen form are in position before planting.

For any crops that you decide to grow under cover make sure you have enough room in your greenhouse to accommodate this type of crops. You need to ensure that the temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements are compatible with the other plants that you are growing in your greenhouse.

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