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Fruits in a Small Garden

Having a small garden it does not mean that you cannot grow fruiting trees. There are many ways to make the most of a limited space for fruit growing so that it provides a high yield and is an attractive feature. Fruiting trees for small gardens should be carefully chosen so they will only occupy the space you planed for them but they will also provide you a good crop.

Whenever possible try to find fruiting trees grafted on dwarfing rootstocks as these will not overgrow their space. Also use training methods that make the best use of available space. You can plant “family” trees. These trees carry several cultivars of the same fruit on the same tree. There usually three type of cultivars on the same tree. This way your tree will provide a succession of fruits. This is also very useful as a space-saving measure. You can also choose Ballerina cultivars, which are dwarf, single-stemmed, compact trees, with short fruiting spurs.

To make the most of you space by training trees and soft fruits as cordons against the house or garden walls, rather than growing them as bushes. Cordons require less space for a comparable fruit yield than fans or espaliers. Grow grape wines over a sturdy pergola or ornamental arch as a part of your garden design. Cane fruits also may be trained in a variety of ways. Strawberries may be grown in vertical growing bags attached to a stake, fence or other structures. So any type of fruit is suitable for growing in a small garden, you just have to choose the right variety and training method.

If there is room in your garden for only a single tree then you must choose a self-fertile cultivar. It is also a good idea to choose plants with a prolonged cropping season, unless you have an ample storage and freezer space.

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