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Figs grown in the garden will need in spring a mulch of well-rotted manure and the ones grown in pot will need some extra nutrients so a balanced fertilizer applied in summer is a good help. Do not overfeed them. Repot every two years if grown in pots.

Propagation can be done by sowing seeds but is not recommended because fruits quality may not be too good. The recommended method is to use hardwood cuttings, 30 cm long,  of one-year-old wood. Insert them into well-prepared and well-drained ground and protect them from frost with cloches. You can also propagate them by rooted suckers severed from the parent tree and transplanted.

Fruits can be picked when fully ripe and eaten fresh or dried. Normally, a fig will produce two crops per season, an early one from embryo figs formed late in the previous season followed by the main crop which is both formed and ripened during the same summer, but in cool climates only the first one will have time to ripen. Remove the fruits that did not ripen to concentrate the trees energies into producing new embryo fruits.

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