Friday , November 16 2018
Tradescantia Image


The propagation is the simplest of all plants. You can propagate this plant any time of the year by just inserting stem-tip cuttings 5-8 cm long in compost or in a glass of water. If you put it in water, plant it after the root system has formed into soil-based compost.

Tradescantia Image Tradescantia Image

You need to renew the plant at least every 3 to 4 years as it loose its base leaves and become less attractive. Considering its potential of growing and propagating this should not be a problem not even to someone that never grow a plant.

If you want a plant that grow fast even if you don’t give it too much attention then this is the perfect plant for you. Just take a stem-tip cutting from a friend that have one and take it home, put it in water and in couple of weeks you can pot it. You’ll never get rid of it, your Tradescantia will keep growing and growing.

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One of the foliage plant that we use to grow indoor for its nice, striking architectural structure. Having its origin in Canary Island and tropical Africa, this plant produce lance to strap-shaped, leathery, glossy leaves which are spirally arranged, 30-45 cm long, just green or variegated.

Dracaena is an evergreen shrub, but as it grow it will form a trunk and will start to look like a tree. If you keep it as a houseplant, it will be a nice change for it, if you will take it outside over the summer.

Dracaena enjoy a loam-based compost but with a good drainage. Keep it in full light but with shade from hot sun and moderate humidity. The green-leaved specimens will tolerate slightly lower light levels.

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