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Pothos prefers warmer temperatures of 15-30 Celsius degrees (59-86 F) with a minimum temperature over the winter of about 13 Celsius degrees (55 F). If temperatures fall below 10-12 Celsius degrees (50-54 F) then the lower leaves will turn yellow or produce rust like spots.

Grow Pothos in loam-based potting compost. Water freely but allow the compost to dry out slightly between watering in warmer, brighter environments and water moderately over the winter if the temperatures are getting lower. Reduce watering substantially in lower light conditions. Even Pothos tolerates high humidity and enjoys misting in the high light areas, over watering can cause root rot and leaf drop. During the growing season you can apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every month. If the plant is getting too leggy pinch out the growing tips in spring and it will bush out nicely.

Propagation can be done by rooting leaf-bud or stem-tip cuttings with bottom heat in summer or by layering in spring or summer.

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