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Croton Image Croton Image Croton Image

It enjoy a loam-based potting compost and the place in full light but with shade from hot sun and high humidity. So find it a place near a west window and it will be just fine, keeping its bright colors in full shape.

In growth period water freely and apply a liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. Remember to mist regularly in the growth period because of its need for high humidity. Avoid high temperature differences, because this will cause the drop of its leaves.

In winter just water it sparingly with tepid water. Top dress the pot in spring. It is better to change its pot every spring in the first three years of its life and after that repot it only when the root ball is filling the pot. It can reach one meter hight and wide, and will join you for more than ten years if you will care for it.

It can be affected by red spider mites but this will not happen if you will maintain the proper humidity.

To propagate Croton you can root softwood cuttings with bottom heat in summer, dipping the bases in charcoal  to stop ‘bleeding’ or you can air layer in spring. You can prune young shots in spring to make the plant become more dense and so you will have your cuttings for the propagation.

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