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chlorophytum image


chlorophytum image chlorophytum image chlorophytum image

You can water freely in growth period and moderately at other times. They will grow in any type of soil but prefer loam-based potting compost. They enjoy sun or partial shade but will grow in bright indirect to full light and even in shaded from hot sun. Indoor it can grow even in a place with no sun but this will affect the brightness of the colors and the plant will be less rich.

Except from sowing seeds you can propagate Chlorophytum by rooting the plantlets that will form at the end of the runners. Pot up the plantlets in individual pots of 7 cm diameter filled with moist, standard cutting compost. Keep well watered. After a few weeks you can separate each rooted plantlet in its own pot, from the parent by cutting the runner close to the young plant.

It prefers a suspended place for its pendant port and a place away from air currents. If you will take good care of this plants you will have it for more than 10 years. It also loves a weekly warm shower to clear the dust from its leaves.

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