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Grow Lime tree in a place with full sun or in a greenhouse or conservatory if you live in a colder area because it needs heat in order to set quality fruits. It grows and adapts fairly well to sandy soils. Always keep the tree well drained, because extensive periods of flooding or overwatering can lead to rot and kill the tree.

Propagate Lime tree by sowing seeds. It is best to sow seeds that are fresh harvested, but you can also successfully germinate dried seeds if you can maintain a constant soil temperature of 24-30 Celsius degrees (75-85 F). Water seeds moderately, only when the soil surface begins to dry. Sprout in shade, greenhouse or filtered sun. Propagation of Lime trees can also be done by grafting. By using this method trees tend to produce fruits few years faster.

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Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) is a compact, evergreen tree, grown for its edible fruits. It  can grow up to 9 m tall and 7.5 m wide and might tolerate some light frosts. It is probably the most popular of all citrus trees. The leaves are elliptical to oblong-ovate, up to 10 cm long, with narrowly-winged petioles. The flowers are white, sweetly scented, hermaphrodite - have both male and female organs and appear in clusters at the tips of the branches. The plant is self-fertile. The fruits are round or ovoid, orange to reddish-orange in color. The juicy flesh is orange and fairly acid and can contain few or many seeds.

If you live in a cold area you can grow sweet orange trees in a greenhouse or indoors, as they make excellent container plants because their size can be easily controlled with container size and selective pruning.

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