Omphalodes Verna

Omphalodes verna, a relative of Forget-me-nots, in the Boraginaceae family, on its common name known as Blue-Eyed Mary, Creeping Forget-me-not or Navelwort is a semi-evergreen perennial plant, unlike Forget-me-nots, which are biennials. It can spread quickly to cover the ground with dark green, grooved leaves. That is why this plant is useful and effective as a ground cover, crowding out weeds that get in its way. It can also reach 20 to 30 cm in height.

The plant has a stem that snakes across the ground and usually grows in the shade of trees. If not kept under control it might become invasive but mostly coexists with other plants well. It provides early true blue color if you chose to plant it to shaded borders and beds but it will also look gorgeous letting it spread beneath trees. The white flowers of Omphalodes verna ‘Alba’ variety look particularly effective if placed under trees and shrubs. The sprays of white flowers contrast well with the mats of dark semi-evergreen leaves.

Omphalodes verna alba Omphalodes verna

In early spring, each flowering stem produces 2-4 small, deep blue flowers with small white centers. Its leaves are grooved, semi-evergreen and medium green, are veined, with fine hairs and oval to heart in shape, and rapidly pointed at the tip.

This plant is fairly tolerant of considerable shade and rather dry soil, but best results will be obtained in a place with light shade and average moisture. A place in full sun is not recommended as its foliage burns easily.

Propagation is simple as the plant is easily divided. Divide the roots in autumn.


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