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Making a flowery mead is the perfect way to introduce wildflowers into your garden to create an appealing habitat for wildlife. You can do this in mid summer for in instant effect but you can also do it spring or autumn. To make a flowery mead you basically plant herbaceous perennials and wildflowers in grass to mimic a natural meadow. For best results you should choose an area in your garden where the grass does not grow well and the soil is poor.

Make a Flowery Mead

For this project you will need a spade, a trowel and a selection of plants that you intend to plant in your flowery mead. Position the plants with their pots in a random way to mimic a natural scene. Take your time and move the plants around until you are satisfied with the way they look in their place and the scene have the natural look that you want.

When you are satisfied with the position of each plant, cut a cross in the grass with a spade for each planting position. Gently roll back the turf to expose the soil underneath and break up the soil before planting the plants. Do not be tempted to add any fertilizer into the planting hole.

Dig a hole and insert the plant so that the top of the root ball will be roughly level with the surface of the turf. Replace the soil around the root ball and firm in gently with your fingers. Water in well after planting to settle the soil around the roots of the plants. Roll back the pieces of turf around the plants. This will instantly make it look as if the plants were there for some time.

The plants will need individual watering when the weather is dry to keep them settle in. do not cut the grass until late autumn to allow all the plants to set seed. You can also add more plants in the next spring, choosing some that flower at different times of year. If there are plants that do not thrive in their position you can easily move them elsewhere.

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