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Fat Balls for Birds

fat ball imagefat ball image 


– 250 g vegetal fat
– 170 g oat flakes
– crushed nuts or hazel nuts
– wheat meal
– sunflower and pumpkin seeds
– hashed raisins or any other kind of dried fruits
– millet
– wheat seeds
– any other kind of seeds that you can find

Melt the fat. Mix alt the other ingredients in a bowl and keep away 5 tablespoons for later use. Pour the fat over the mixture, stir and let it get cold. When the mixture start to harden take small quantities and form small balls keeping your hands wet to avoid the mixture to stick to your hands. When forming the ball make sure you fix a piece of rope into the ball so you can hang the ball. Spread that 5 tablespoons of left mixture over a piece of paper and roll over the balls into it. Let the balls get completely cold and store them in a dry, cold place until you will serve them to the birds.

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