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Use Weedkiller Safely

Where is a garden there are weeds too. Weeds can be controlled by manual means: hand-weeding or hoeing, by physical methods: smothering under a mulch, or by using chemical weedkillers. There are few things that you should consider when using weedkillers. Also consider that well-established weeds may need several treatments or prolonged persistence to eradicate them.

For best results apply most weedkillers from mid spring to early summer. In this period the weeds are young and grow rapidly. Make sure you start the process before they start flowering.

Translocated and contact weedkillers should be applied to the foliage not on the soil. Never apply liquid weedkillers when rain is forecasted because the product will be washed off before being absorbed.

Keep weedkiller off plants you wish to retain. In a border shield plants with plastic or cardboard while treating weeds using a coarse rose on a watering can. Also you can treat weeds individually using a weedkiller gel or a ready-mixed spray sold in a spray-bottle.

To avoid any mistake always use separated watering can and sprayers especially for weedkillers. Label them clearly to make sure you use them correctly and not for other purposes.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using any weedkiller and follow them to the letter. This way you will be sure you do not make mistakes that you might regret later.

Never use weedkillers on windy days as vapor droplets can drift on to nearby beds and damage your plants.

Keep bottles and packets of weedkillers in a safe place, away from pets and where children cannot reach them. When empty make sure you dispose of them carefully.

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