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Plant a Herb Garden to a Design

If you decide to plant a herb harden, whether creating a simple, informal design or an intricate, formal one, you must consider careful planning, both on paper and on site as this is essential for the success of your garden. Make sure you do the plans well in advance. Start in winter for planting in the spring, or as early as the preceding summer if you decide to raise the plants yourself instead of buying them.

The first step as for all planting is to thoroughly prepare the ground. Clear any weeds and rake the surface of the soil to a fine tilth. After you have finished the design and the planting scheme on paper you can start marking the basic outline of your herb garden, including the paths, on the prepared site. If any changes on your design are required, this is the right moment to make them, as later may be too late. Use string and canes or grit to mark out the planned design for your herb garden.

To ease your work, it is most convenient to use container-grown herbs, as these can be easily set out according to the plan. This way the arrangement can be done and checked before actual planting begins. Lay out the plants, still in their pots and check the overall effect and spacing. If you are using turf or heavy materials such as paving, bricks or stones in your design, it is best to lay them before starting to plant. Paths made of lighter, loose materials, such as grit, gravel or bark chippings, may be laid before or after planting. When making paths of grit or gravel make sure you provide retaining battens or edging tiles to prevent the material from spreading onto the plants in the beds. Sink battens at the edges to keep the material in place.

Once the design is finalized, plant the herbs in their positions and water them. If you are aiming to achieve the desire effect quicker you should consider planting the herbs densely that you should in a normal case. After finished planting, lay the paths adding grit or gravel evenly in between the battens. Level the surface of the grit or gravel. Keep your herb garden watered and weeded. Pinch out growing tips to promote bushy growth and prune the plants as necessary.

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