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Collect Seeds and Seedheads

Growth, development, flowering, fading and seeding are all fascinating stages in a plant’s life cycle. Choosing plants that die gracefully and produce long-lasting seedheads adds yet another dimension to the garden.

As well as encouraging drifts of pods and seedheads  to decorate the garden in autumn, try cutting some seadheads just before the seeds mature, for use in dried-flower arangements.

Saving seed from your own garden is an economical and excellent method of building up numbers of species to create drifts. When collecting from some annuals and biennials, like some types of poppy, be ready to rogue out undesirable plants before their pollen influences the rest of the plants. Collect pods and capsules into paper bags, date and label them with the name of the plant. Keep like that in a dry and dark place until there is time to clean the seed from it’s husks and pods.

Store in paper envelopes in a cool, dry place until it’s time to sow them.

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