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If you have neglected your garden for a long time or you just bought a house with a badly neglected, overgrown garden you can clear it out either by using tools or chemicals. Use whichever method is more convenient for you to clear out the plot.

Clearing an Overgrown Garden

Mechanical clearance
Slash as much top-growth as possible using either a nylon line trimmer, brushwood cutter or scythe and clear it away from the area. Then using a rotary mower cut any remaining growth as low as possible before digging out and removing all the vegetation that is left on the site.

Also you can use a rotavator to churn up the soil and chop up the weeds. Make several passes with the rotavator to break up the matted vegetation then rake it up and remove it from the surface. After rotavating you will find pieces of roots and rhizomes of perennial weeds that will regenerate rapidly if they are not removed from the site.

Therefore, after rotavating is essential to rake over the plot and then remove by hand all remaining weed fragments to make sure the weeds will not regenerate. If you find it necessary you may repeat the treatment in order to remove all the weeds from the plot.

Chemical clearance
When using chemical you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully spray with a translocated weedkiller, leave it to take effect and then cut down the top-growth. If you find it necessary you may re-spray any vegetation that escaped the first application of weedkiller. Remove the dead vegetation or incorporate it into the soil. On sandy soils you will have to use a weedkiller that break down when in contact with soil.

In organic gardens, where the gardener do not intend to use any chemicals to suppress the weeds, or where the layout of the plot makes it difficult to apply the weedkiller evenly, use the mechanical clearance method or other methods of weed control such as mulching and organic practices, including the deep-bed system.

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