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For more vertical space for climbers, you can always use an obelisk that can also become an interesting and attractive feature in a border. There are many types of obelisks: metal obelisks that suit a modern garden, wood obelisks that will find its place in a formal garden and for a rustic garden you can choose a willow obelisk.

This article will show you how to make your own willow obelisk, it takes a little bit of skill but with a little patience and help from your plants to hide any mistakes that you might make, you will have your own made obelisk to add in your garden for more space for your climbers.

Make a Willow Obelisk

The height of the obelisk will be given by the length of the willow that you will use for your obelisk. You will need the following materials: 9 lengths of 2-years-old willow (7 of them of equal length you will use for the upright and 2 of them for the main ribs of the horizontal bands), 6 lengths of one-year-old willow for tying the uprights with the bands, half barrel or a round container and secateurs for the final finishes.

Fill the barrel or container with soil mixture that you will use to plant your climber in or you can use the container only for guidance. Insert that 7 equal willows of 2-year-old around the border of your container, et evenly distance in order to form a circle.

Make the lower band by twisting one of the remaining 2-years-old wand around itself to make it look as close as possible like a circle, then drop it over that 7 willows and adjust its diameter until the uprights come a little bit pulled together, but not lower than 30 cm from the container rim, then tie the band to each upright using thin pieces of willow.

Make another band, with the diameter smaller than the first one, using the only remaining 2-years-old wand, and tie it at about half the distance from the container to the top of the uprights. In order to make the obelisk stronger use 3 lengths of one-year-old willow to wave around each band and around the band and the uprights. Start every time from a different point.

For finishing the obelisk, hold the uprights together and bind and tie them very strong with the longest and most flexible piece of thin willow. Make the final touches by hiding any remaining ends of the tying willows and cut the longest ones.

Now, as the willow obelisk is ready, all you have to do is to plant the climber and place the container in a chosen place, or just take out the obelisk from the container and place it in your border.

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