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Many people start to grow more and more strawberries in containers or in growing bags in order to avoid the difficulties of growing them on the ground. This way are less chances of the fruits being tainted by the soil or eaten by slugs. You can build a table where to place your growing bag. Once the plants have finished cropping you can lift and move them (complete with the growing bag) and allow them to grow elsewhere in the garden until the following year. You can place on the table a new growing bag containing autumn-fruiting strawberries that are ready for producing a crop later in the year.

Make a Strawberry Table

For building your own strawberry table you will need the following tools: 1 saw, 1 electric drill, 1 hammer, 1 crowbar, 1 pair of pliers, 1 watering can and the following materials: measuring tape, lumber, 1 growing bag, screws, wire mesh, staples, strawberry plants.

Measure and cut two pieces of lumber to exactly the same length as the growing bag that you are going to use and two more pieces of lumber to exactly the same width as the growing bag. Drill both ends of each of the long section of lumber. Turn them on edge and fix the long lengths and short lengths together to form a rectangle.

Cut four pieces of 60 cm long of 7.5×5 cm lumber in order to obtain the legs of the table. Fasten one to each corner of the frame and now you should have the table sitting.

Cut a piece of wire mesh to cover the area of the wooden rectangle and staple the wire mesh to the edges. Place the growing bag in the frame and cut out the middle section on the top of the plastic cover. Place the strawberry plants into the growing bag compost and water them well. Place the table in a sunny, well-lighted area so you can offer the best growing conditions to your strawberries.

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