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The simplest and the most used design in an herb garden is the form of a cartwheel. You can build your own herb wheel very easy. You will need the following materials to build the herb wheel: string, canes, sand, dry concrete mix, bricks, mortar and topsoil to fill the wheel for planting your herbs and of course the herbs. Remember that this type of design looks more impressive when is viewed from above, so make sure you find a place for it so it may be overlooked from an upper window or a slope. Also try to use plants that have the same growing rhythm or else some will grow faster and spoil the design.

Make a herb wheel

Use the string and canes to mark a circle then measure off a series of equal points on the circle for the spokes. Sink a length of earthenware pipe in the centre. Trace over the circle with sand. Mark the spokes with sand also. Choose six or eight sections because if they will be more than eight the whole design will look fussy.

For your herb wheel to have a firm footing you have to make a small foundation for this building. Excavate a trench for the bricks and fill it with dry concrete mix to create the foundation. As a herb wheel does not have to be very high you should only place two or three courses of bricks set in mortar, as many as they should be at the same level as the top of the earthenware pipe. Build the outer circle and spokes with bricks set in mortar making sure the whole construction is leveled.

Fill in the sections of the wheel and the earthenware pipe with a layer of rubble and gravel to provide drainage then add good-quality topsoil mixed with fine grit. Plant up the herb wheel with a selection of culinary herbs, remembering that they should all have the same growing rhythm and water in thoroughly. Add an organic mulch to keep the moisture in. Maintain the wheel looking good by regular trimming of herbs.

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