Friday , November 16 2018

This is generally the hottest period of the year, the time when your garden is in its best shape, full of color and interest. The most common things that need to be done this time of year are dead-heading to prolong the flowering season, watering to keep the plants in good shape over the dry, hot periods and looking ahead to preparations for the next season.

Dead-head the plants from the garden as you walk by, carrying with you a pair of secateurs, and this job will not be a boring task. Don't forget the plants in baskets and containers, they also need to be dead-head, or else they will look messy.

Mid Summer

The most beneficial times to water the plants from your garden are evenings or early mornings, when the weather is cooler and the moisture will not evaporate as quickly as in the heat of the day. This way your plants will get the full benefit from the watering.

Prepare yourself for the next season by buying bulbs to plant now for autumn blooms, like: autumn crocus, colchicums, sternbergia, Amaryllis belladonna or Nerine bowdenii. If you plan to set new lawns in autumn then prepare the ground from now. Also is time to prepare the beds for strawberries.

If you are not too ‘busy’ to enjoy and relax in the garden after those routine tasks, then you can do a lot more things in this period. Propagation is now easier than ever. A wide range of tender perennials like: fuchsia, pelargonium or coleus can now be propagate from cuttings. Climbers are in their best shape and you can propagate some of them like: honeysuckle, wisteria or passion flower by layering. Carnations and pinks can now be propagate by layering or from cuttings. Shrubs or hedging plants, deciduous, evergreen or conifers can also be propagate now from semi-ripe cuttings. Many varieties of roses grow easily from shoot cuttings taken in this period.

After all this work don’t forget to keep pests and diseases under control as they multiply rapidly on this warm weather.

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