Friday , November 16 2018

This is the most easiest season in your garden because so many plants are looking their best now showing their colors and flagrances, so is the perfect time for you to simply relax and enjoy the show. If you still feel like doing something then there are some things that you can do this season.

For a tidy look of your garden, regularly dead-heading is a necessity. Flowers in hanging baskets and tubes, perennials and roses, they will all benefit from a regular dead-heading.

Late Summer

Collect seeds from a wide range of plants, some of them can be sown right away while others can be stored for future use, but also pick dried flowerheads and seedheads for making everlasting arrangements. Hang them upside down in bunches to dry out in a airy, dry room. For an early flowering of annuals next year you can now sow hardy annual flowers in pots.

Trim back evergreen and conifers hedges and prune rambler roses when their flowering period is over. Prune fruiting trees and shrubs to keep them in a good shape and health.

Take cuttings from your shrubs, rambler roses, carnations by choosing non-flowering side shoots if you plan to propagate them.

Order spring flowering bulbs for autumn planting and plant out bulbs of autumn crocus, sternbergia or colchicums.

Verify your crops, pick them regularly to maintain plants productive and water them as regularly as possible to maintain them in full shape. Pick and store – dried or in ice cubes – herbs for winter use.

Check plants supports and set new ones for tall, late-flowering perennials that are now developing flowers and so they become heavier.

Tidy up strawberries beds and transplant strawberries runners that you have rooted in pots.

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