Friday , December 14 2018

The weather is getting better and warmer and as the temperatures increase the need for daily watering is imperative for the plants to grow stronger and healthier. Everything is growing stronger and more fast now, and the weeds are not making exception. Keep them under control with a regular check of your borders and crops.

Complete your garden scheme by planting out now the tender bedding plants, directly in borders or in containers and then water them with a liquid fertilizer solution to give them a good start in their new location.

Early Summer

If you have climbers in your garden, like honeysuckle, roses, clematis, now is time to tie them in to walls or trellises and support their new growth. You can also grow new plants now by propagating your climbers by layering. For an overgrown and large Clematis Montana, a hard pruning is needed after flowering in order to encourage new growth.

For an easy propagation of your garden shrubs, now is time to raise new plants by layering low-growing shoots of young growth to the soil level. Keep the soil around them moist. Late-spring and early-summer flowering shrubs need to be prune right after flowering in order to encourage new growth. After pruning, give them a good soaking with liquid fertilizer and mulch the soil around them.

As the plants grow bigger now, the tall plants like gladioli or delphiniums, need to be supported by tying them to canes inserted along each plant.

If you plan to have some biennials in your garden next year, now is time to sow them in pots or in a nursery bed, then to plant them out in their final place in the autumn.

Keep the pests and diseases under control, as they now attack in full force in warm conditions. Try to use organic methods to control them, and one of the best way is to keep your garden clean by regular deadheading, removing old leaves and tiding.

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