Friday , November 16 2018

In late autumn there are still so many things that need to be done in the garden, with ground to prepare and new shrubs, roses and hedging to plant. Tide up the garden by removing old crops and prepare the garden for the next plans.

This is the ideal time to start thinking and preparing a new plot for your next year vegetable. Dig over the site deeply while adding large quantities of well-rotted compost or manure. Grass can be dug in, turning it upside down in the base of a trench then covering it with soil to prevent re-growth. Plots that have been dug early can be left rough so that the frost and winter weather helps break down large lumps and birds can forage for soil pests.

Late Autumn

Collect ripe berries and fruits from shrubs, clean to remove seed and sow in pots to raise new plants. Sweep up and collect leaves to keep the garden tidy and remove overwintering sites for slugs. Spread compost or manure over borders that need to be dig. Clean and store flower pots and seed trays. Wash cloches and cold frames inside and out. Collect, clean and store canes and plant supports in a dry shed.

Clean garden furniture and bring it into a sheltered place to keep it away from bad weather that will come, preventing its degradation. Move all the pots that are not frost-proof like the ceramic ones into a greenhouse over the winter.

Cover cold frames with old carpets or extra insulation on cold nights. Continue planting trees, roses, conifers and hedging. Move all the tender plants to a sheltered site for the winter. The ones that are growing in containers can be moved to a cold greenhouse or provided with frost-free conditions if necessary.

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