Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Early Autumn

Summer slowly beat retreat and the time to bring indoor plants back inside is coming. The best spot in the house for them is close to a window, but in not such a warm room. You can also renew your collection of plants in this moment from a very large variety of options. For the plants without flowers start to grow the period between fertilizations and also reduce the watering by the end of the month.

Now is time to plant the bulbs that you want to force to bloom earlier. Take away the curtains to let more light to come in and for the darker places from house try to use artificial lightening, using “daylight” bulbs.

For the plants that you are taking back inside, clear the upper level of ground, wash well the water suppliers to be sure you removed any fungi or bacteria. Clear the dust from plants with glossy leaves with a piece of wet towel moist with water or beer. Pinch off all the dead flowers. Stop fertilizing cacti and succulents. For the ones who spent summer outside try not to bring them in a very warm room. Remember to keep turning 90 degrees every week plants that stay close to window to ensure an uniform growth.

If you are thinking to buy new plants, consider plant with colorful fruits like Nertera, Ornamental Pepperoni or Solanum.

Nertera Image Ornamental Pepperoni Image Solanum Image

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