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Shading the greenhouse will help to control the temperature levels if the ventilation system is insufficient. It also helps to protect vulnerable plants from too much direct sunlight. This will reduce the risk of leaf scorch and will prevent flower colors from fading in strong sunlight. Shadings applied primarily to control the temperature levels should be placed on the outside of the greenhouse as internal shadings are unlikely to reduce the temperatures significantly.

The amount of shade that is required in a greenhouse is not always the same, it depends on the season and the plants that are grown in the greenhouse. In the months of strongest sunlight, shading that reduces the light by 40-50 per cent is suitable for a typical mixed greenhouse. Ferns prefer around 75 per cent filtering of light, while cacti and succulents require very little or no shading at all.

Greenhouses Shading

There are some types of shadings that you can use for your greenhouse: shading washes, blinds, meshes and fabrics or rigid sheets. In the next lines there will be a short description for each of them and how to use them efficiently.

Shading washes
This type of shading is often considered to be the most effective and cheapest method of reducing heat from the sun while still allowing enough light to penetrate for good plant growth. Paint or spray the wash onto the outside of the glass at the beginning of the sunny season and remove it in late summer by rubbing or washing it off using a cleaning solution.

Shading washes are inexpensive but they may be messy to apply and to remove. Also their appearance is sometimes unattractive in a small garden where the greenhouse represents the major feature. Some washes become more transparent when wet, so that on rainy days or when the weather is dull they allow more light penetration.

Blinds are mainly used on the outside of the greenhouse and they control temperature effectively but they should be hard wearing since they will be in place for long periods. Blinds are more versatile than shading washes since they may be rolled up or down depending on the intensity of light regained.

They may be used where only a section of the greenhouse needs to be shaded. Manually operated blinds need constant attention, while automatic blinds, which come into operation as soon as the temperature rises to a predetermined level, are more convenient to use, but they are expensive.

Meshes and fabrics
Flexible mesh shading materials are suitable for either interior or exterior use. They are less adaptable than blinds because they are generally fixed in position for the entire season and are less satisfactory than shading washes in helping to control plant growth.

Woven and knitted fabrics are also suitable for both interior and exterior greenhouse use, but the amount of light reduction varies considerably depending on the type of fabric fitted. The quality of light allowed through to the plants is usually perfectly adequate for good growth, but the temperature in not significantly reduced.

Cross-laminated fabric and some plastic meshes are recommended for internal shading only. Tinted bubble plastic may also be used for shading as it cuts down the light by almost 50 per cent but it reduces temperature only slightly.

Rigid sheets
Rigid polycarbonate sheets are sometimes used for shading in greenhouse. The sheet may be fixed either inside or outside depending by the greenhouse manufacturer recommendations. They cut down the light effectively but unless they are white in color the quality of light transmitted to the plants may not be mf patent for good growth.

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