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Plant up Roses in Pots

Early spring is the right time to replant your pot grown plants. Roses make no exception. Special varieties, like the flowering carpet, miniature roses and elegant standards ones look wonderful on a patio, adding color and interest.

Use a soil-based compost to plant roses or any other shrubs in containers as this is better than any other type of compost because it holds a supply of nutrients more easily then soilless compost and also retain moisture better. This will cut down the need for watering and fertilizing further in the season. You can also use slow-release fertilizers and water-retentive crystals so you can save some work through the year.

After planting or replanting your roses you should prune them hard to encourage plenty of new growth. After a couple of months after planting your roses you should feed them regularly with a high-potash feed to encourage a rich flowering that will keep for weeks.

Regular watering is also needed and in dry weather watering must be done once or even twice a day. If the weather is too hot and the sun too bright you should consider moving your container grown roses into a shaded place over this period.

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There are three types of roses available on the market that you can plant in your garden: bare-root roses, packed roses and container-grown roses. The best time to plant bare-root roses is in their dormant period from late autumn to early winter. Early spring is also a good time to plant in areas that suffer from bad winters. Bare-root roses are in a semi-dormant or dormant state and their roots are virtually clean of soil. You should plant those roses as soon as possible after you buy them.

Remove any diseased or damaged growth, trim any thick roots by about one third, dig the planting hole in a prepared bed and add half a bucketful of organic compost mixed with some general fertilizer into the bottom of the hole. Place the rose in the center of the hole and spread out the roots.

Lay a cane over the hole to check that the bud union is about 2,5 cm below soil level. Fill the hole with soil firming well with your hands. Lightly tread down the surrounding soil, rake over the soil and water well.

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