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Lawn in Autumn

Sowing by machine is the best way to sow the grass seed over a large area. For even coverage sow half of the seed in one direction and the other half at right angles to this. A well defined lawn edge may be achieved by laying a plastic sheeting at the site edge and running the machine just over it.

After sowing lightly rake over the surface. Unless rain is forecast water the site with a sprinkler, and ensure the soil remain moist until germination is completed. Germination will occur in one to two weeks, depending on grass species, soil and air temperature and moisture.

Use netting or scarers to keep birds away. Once the seedlings have emerged the surface may be gently firmed with a light-weight roller.

Over-Sowing Lawn ImageEarly autumn is also a good time for over-sowing. Where grass growth is very thin and sparse, over-seed now with the proper grass seed mixture. Cut the lawn, then rake the surface to remove debris. Sprinkle with seed sweeping it into the surface. On small areas cover with a fine layer of compost.

Continue regular mowing, raking off dead grass and any debris that has accumulated deep down in the lawn over the summer. Apply an autumn lawn food to encourage good root growth and strengthen the grass for the coming winter.

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