Friday , November 16 2018
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Ajuga Reptans

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Used mainly for foundations, beds, planters, edging or as entranceways groundcover in area with dense shade, this plant makes a showy groundcover. Grow well in moist, shady areas of the landscapes, which are too shady for growing grass. Under ideal growing conditions it will spread rapidly forming such a dense mat that weeds cannot grow through it. Ajuga does not, however, tolerate heavy foot traffic.

The best growing conditions are places in partial shade to shade with sandy, well-drained soil of average fertility but tolerates clay soils too. It needs regular watering during the hot and dry periods of summer. It can tolerate morning or late afternoon sun, but the leaves will scorch if they are exposed to full midday sun. It may suffer from crown rot in hot humid climates, especially if air circulation is limited. It should be divided every 2-3 years to reduce crowding and the chance of fungus diseases.

It spreads along by underground stolons, but if you want to propagate it and start a new area there are few simple methods. The easiest way to propagate it is by separating and transplanting the little plants that arise from the spreading rooting runners. This can be done any time of year. It also can be started from cuttings in summer or by crown division in fall or spring. You can also try to propagate it by sowing seeds.

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