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Position and Aspect

When planting climbers make sure you put them in the right position in order to achieve best results. To grow well and to achieve their full potential, many climbers need a sunny position with their roots in shade, but there are also some that need a cooler position. There are still some that are not so demanding and will do tolerate some shade even they prefer a sunny spot.

In cool climates, tender climbers will require the protection of a south-facing wall, but you can always find hardy climbers that will develop well without any protection at all. Choosing the right climber for the right spot in your garden will spare you efforts and disappointments, and will perform the same function as a more difficult to care about one.

Exposed or cool positions
For difficult positions, like shady, north-facing walls and those exposed to cold winds you can choose some vigorous, hardy climbers like some honeysuckles and many ivies. These are the most suitable plants for these difficult spots if planning to grow climbers against them. In a heavily shaded spot grow greenleaved ivies because the variegated ones or the yellow leaves ones prefer more light and may be prone to frost damage if grown in such a difficult spot.

Sheltered and sunny positions
In temperate areas, a sheltered wall is the perfect place to grow tender or exotic-flowering climbers as it provides a suitable microclimate for these demanding climbers. Some of them, like Passiflora caerulea or Lapageri rosea, will even thrive in such a position if you offer them winter protection. The heat reflected by the wall helps to ripen the wood and the plants are better able to withstand cold winter temperatures.

Even the wall will offer itself protection against several degrees of frost you will still need to protect the plants, especially if the frost occurs at flowering time. If you live in an area where frosts occur late in the season, during the flowering time, avoid planting tender climbers in positions where the flower buds are exposed to early-morning sun, since the buds will be damaged as a result of rapid thawing.

For climbers that need to have their roots in shade, you can plant sun-loving herbaceous plants and bulbs near the base of these climbers to keep their roots cool.

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