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Climbers for Color

Colors are one of the most important thing to consider when you design a garden. You don’t need to be a specialist to create a beautiful arangement, you just need to consider some simple things. Color effects vary according to light levels in different parts of your garden. For example, in a sunny spot, deep or bright colors which absorb light will show up more strongly than paler colors. Paler colors instead, will successfully illuminate a dull space and may be used to great effect in places that are most often viewed in the evening.

Climbers are usually strong and vigorous plants that are difficult to move once they are established. Before planting a climber in a final place consider the color of your garden permanent feature. If the wall or the support on which you are going to train your climber is already bright then use plants with more subtle colors. If you want to create a particularly vibrant effect for a specific spot than you can use climbers with bright colors against a bright support.

You don’t have to use only one type of climber on a support. Growing different climbers together or in combination with other plants will only add another dimension to your garden color scheme. Climbers can be useful for interweaving the different colors of a planting scheme, creating brilliant effects with complementary colors or subtle harmonies with closely related tones. It is up to you in which way you want to use your climbers, depending on the effect you want to obtain.

The colors of flowering climbers cover the entire spectrum. They vary from deep violet, through brilliant scarlet to soft creamy-white. Many of the most vividly colored climbers are having their origin in tropical areas and may not always be hardy in temperate areas, but there are still many from which you can choose.

Foliage and fruits of climbers are a colorful addition to the scheme. You can use the leaves of a climber as well as their flowers. The different leaves tone will provide soothing contrasts and balance vivid flowers color. There are climbers with yellow leaves and if placed against a dark background they will appear almost gold. Others are having their leaves splashed with creamy-white and pink. Variegared specimens, like ivies, are also showy and most of them are evergreen, providing a year-long display.

Some climbers will bear fruits that can be at least as colorful as their flowers. The fruits colors vary from purple to purple-blue, red-pink or even white or black. See the whole offer before choosing the right climbers for your garden.

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