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campsis radicans red trumpet vine

Campsis Radicans

campsis radicans red trumpet vine campsis radicans yellow trumpet vine campsis radicans orange trumpet vine

Well known cultivars are: Atropurpurea – scarlet flowers, Praecox – scarlet flowers, Crimson Trumpet – deep red flowers, Flava – yellow flowers, Minor – smaller, orange and scarlet flowers, Speciosa – more shrubby, deep orange red flowers.

They prefer a well-drained, rich, moist soil, with plenty of compost added and a sheltered place in full sun or partial shade, but they are adaptable to less than those optimal situations, thriving in a fairly large range of soils. It can withstand occasional drought periods once established. Provide to the young plants something to climb on and tie them in during their early stages of growth.

You can propagate trumpet vine by softwood or hardwood cuttings, by simple layering, air layering or serpentine layering or from seeds sown directly outdoors in fall or stratify if sowing indoors. To collect the seeds allow pods to dry on plant and then break open the pods to collect seeds. Gather ripe capsules when they turn brown but before they dry too much and split open. Clean them and store them in dry place until sown.

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