Friday , November 16 2018
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It is grown for its stunning trumpet-shaped, blue, violet, pink, red or white flowers, with speckled white chins, that appear from summer until autumn frost. In colder areas it can be grown as a houseplant or in a cold greenhouse or conservatory, where will often bloom until the end of the year unless there is a hard frost.

It prefers fertile, well-drained, sandy soil and a place in full sun or partial shade. If grown in containers make sure there is a good drainage and moderate moisture. Removing spent flowers and seedpods will prolong the flowering season.

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Propagation is easy by sowing seeds in early spring at 16 Celsius degrees (61 F), 10-12 weeks before last frost date, or if you live in warmer areas you can let it self-sows. Flowering usually starts within 3 months from sowing. You can also try to propagate Climbing Snapdragon by root tip cuttings in summer.

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