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Actinidia Kolomikta

It will grow best in a place with full sun or part shade and fertile, well-drained soil. Provide shelter from strong winds. Grow against a large wall or allow it to climb into a large tree. It is fast growing and makes a good cover on a fence, trellis or arbor. If it will not have a wall or support to climb on, this plant will establish its normal form, which is as an open shrub with arching branches, that usually grows no higher than 5 meters.

If you are going to grow them under glass, grow them in loam-based potting compost, give them full light and water and fertilize freely during the growing season but keep just moist in winter.

Propagate by sowing seeds in containers in a cold frame in spring or fall or root semi-ripe cuttings (or graft cultivars) in late summer.

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