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In frost-prone areas grow freesias in a cool greenhouse. Specially prepared corms may be used outdoors for summer flowering. In warmer areas grow freesias in groups in a mixed border.

Growing Freesias indoors

For growing under glass, plant the corms in loam-based potting compost with added grit. Put them in a place shade from sun and keep moist until established, then grow them on in full light with good ventilation and water freely. Keep temperature below 13 Celsius degrees (55 F) and after the flower buds appear apply a balanced liquid fertilizer weekly. After flowering gradually reduce water until dry then store corms for replanting in containers in late summer or autumn. For propagation you can remove the small offsets from corms in autumn.


Growing Freesias in the garden

For growing freesias outdoors, plant the corms 8 cm deep, in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil in a place with full sun. Plant the corms in spring for summer flowering or if you live in a frost-free area plant the corms in autumn for spring flowers.


Freesia can be grown from either corms or seed. If you are going to grow them from seeds you should soak the seeds in warm water for a day then sow them at a depth of 6 mm. Sow seeds in autumn or winter at 13-18 Celsius degrees (55-64 F).

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