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Preserving Equipment

When you grow food in your garden you come to a point when you need to preserve some of your produce. For this you will need a number of equipments, some of them you might already have in your kitchen, some of them should be bought and used only for this purpose. Not all of the following equipments are a must, but some of them will make a good addition to your kitchen equipments or will just make you job easier.
Equipment used for making preserves that contain fruits or vinegar must be made of a non-reactive material, like stainless steel, glass, plastic, nylon or wood. Also you have to make sure you always use heatproof utensils when making hot preserves.
The most common utensils used in the kitchen for making preserves are: pans, scales, knives, spice bags, long-handled wooden spoons, slotted spoons, sugar thermometer, sieves and colanders, bowls, measuring cups, funnels, ladles, jelly bags and stand, pressure cooker, boiling water canner, jars and bottles, covers and lids.
All of these utensils should be very clean, and some of them, like wooden spoons, should only be used for this purpose. Jars and bottles should be very clean and sterilised before being used. This will ensure you that your preservings will not be spoiled and will remain intact during storing period.


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