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Indoor Garden

Gardening under cover opens up opportunities for creating different effects, from ornamental table displays of flowering pot plants to leafy terrariums or bottle gardens. The variety of plants that you can grow indoors is as rich as the one of outdoors plants. You can choose from a large variety of plants that offers you form, color and texture.
In cold regions you can transform a conservatory in a small-scale jungle using tropical plants that have lush foliage and exotic flowers. These are guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of winter days with their handsome foliage or exuberant blooms or even with their brightly colored fruits.
Indoor plants are also highly versatile. Some of them may require only little maintenance when you buy them as design accessories that are displayed and then discarded. But if you are an enthusiast of indoor plants you can choose to grow collections of rare plants that demand more regular care and attention.

Indoor Plants Position

The indoor plants variety is so large that with a little searching work you can find a house plant that suits any room in the house. You can find handsome house plants that will flourish in almost every site indoors, from a brilliant lit room to a dim passage or alcove.

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The Indoor Environment

The most important factors in deciding where to position plants indoor are the specific temperature and light requirements of the plants that you are going to grow indoors.  If the conditions are not compatible with the plants needs, they will soon become stressed and unhealthy. The most vulnerable plants are the ones that are newly purchased because they come from controlled growing conditions.

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