Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Wildlife Support


When spring is near, you might want to keep in your garden the birds that you have been feeding all winter. Late winter is the right time to consider building some nesting places for them in order to encourage them to nest in your garden and to help you with …

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Make a Flowery Mead

Making a flowery mead is the perfect way to introduce wildflowers into your garden to create an appealing habitat for wildlife. You can do this in mid summer for in instant effect but you can also do it spring or autumn. To make a flowery mead you basically plant herbaceous perennials and wildflowers in grass to mimic a natural meadow. For best results you should choose an area in your garden where the grass does not grow well and the soil is poor.

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Little Help for Friends

bird image

As the days get shorter, some garden residents are busy stocking their own pantries. Hedgehogs have a very busy time in the autumn. They have to eat as much food as possible before finding somewhere to hibernate for the coldest part of the winter. Making small shelters in quiet places will encourage wildlife to hibernate in your garden during the winter and may convince them to stay and help with pests control the following spring. Leaving piles of prunings to provide winter shelter for visitors, such as hedgehogs, will help to give slugs a hard time when they start emerging next year.

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Fat Balls for Birds

fat ball image

Once the autumn has come we start to store supplies for the cold winter days that are going to come, but do not forget to put some things away for our little noisy friends that are visiting our gardens. Not all the birds migrate to warmer countries when the colder days are coming, so you can care for them on frosty days by offering them food, water and shelter. They will help you back next spring by eating bugs from your garden and enjoy you with their songs. If you have already built their winter shelter is time to prepare them some food if you do not want to buy it form specialized stores or pet-shops. Breadcrumbs are not exactly the best food for them so you can feed them wit seed mixtures but this can mix with their excrements and become unsafely for them to eat them. So a good choice to feed them is to make seeds balls, of course you can find them in pet-shops but why not to make them yourself.

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