Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Summer Jobs

Late Summer

This is the most easiest season in your garden because so many plants are looking their best now showing their colors and flagrances, so is the perfect time for you to simply relax and enjoy the show. If you still feel like doing something then there are some things that you can do this season.

For a tidy look of your garden, regularly dead-heading is a necessity. Flowers in hanging baskets and tubes, perennials and roses, they will all benefit from a regular dead-heading.

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Mid Summer

This is generally the hottest period of the year, the time when your garden is in its best shape, full of color and interest. The most common things that need to be done this time of year are dead-heading to prolong the flowering season, watering to keep the plants in good shape over the dry, hot periods and looking ahead to preparations for the next season.

Dead-head the plants from the garden as you walk by, carrying with you a pair of secateurs, and this job will not be a boring task. Don't forget the plants in baskets and containers, they also need to be dead-head, or else they will look messy.

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Early Summer

The weather is getting better and warmer and as the temperatures increase the need for daily watering is imperative for the plants to grow stronger and healthier. Everything is growing stronger and more fast now, and the weeds are not making exception. Keep them under control with a regular check of your borders and crops.

Complete your garden scheme by planting out now the tender bedding plants, directly in borders or in containers and then water them with a liquid fertilizer solution to give them a good start in their new location.

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