Tuesday , December 11 2018
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Spring Jobs

Late Spring

The more and more busy days are keeping us out in the garden for all the jobs that need to be done, now that the days are warmer and longer. There are a lot of plants that can be propagate now from cuttings, a lot of work in the vegetable garden and keeping the lawn, hedges and beds in shape by mowing, trimming and weeding. Another important thing that need to be done now is regular feeding and watering.

Now is time to sow seeds of wallflowers and forget-me-nots and biennial flowers like honesty and Canterbury bells in a nursery bed. Also you can continue sowing directly into borders hardy annuals.

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Mid Spring

In mid spring the gardens are full of life, we are now truly into the spring season, the moment of fresh growth and the most exciting season of all seasons in the garden. Everything begin to look green and full of life and the warmer days take us out for longer moments. Is the moment of true joy in every gardener heart and one of the busiest season in the garden.

The warmer days provide ideal conditions for all plants and everything will come to life to transform the garden in a place full of colors and flagrances. The small creatures that have overwintered in our gardens also come back to life from their winter hibernation.

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Early Spring

Winter finally beats retreat. This is the very moment, the new beginning, the moment that any gardener is waiting after the gray days of winter. Is the perfect moment, the sun shows its friendly rays again after the long night. The days are getting longer and the whole nature is coming back to life. The garden will be once again full of green and colors. Is finally spring, the moment when you go out and get your hands dirty, such a good feeling. Try and plan out your work in the garden, especially seed sowing and propagation plans, setting weekly targets and noting them in a garden journal.

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